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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make Reservations?

You can make a reservation by clicking here! or by:

Phone: 1-760-646-8884 or 1-855-FLY-HOTAIR


Ask us about purchasing a gift certificate.

What is a hot air balloon made of?


is the colorful fabric that holds the hot air.
It is made of rip stop nylon and is very strong.
The average balloon stands about 80 feet tall.




is where the passengers ride.
It is usually made of wicker.
It is lightweight & flexible.




is positioned above the passengers head.

It produces a flame that heats the air

inside the envelope.

How does a balloon work?

THE BASIC PRINCIPLE: HOT AIR RISES ~ COLD AIR SINKS. The pilot maneuver's the balloon up and down by adding heat to the envelope or pulling a valve to release small amounts of hot air. At different levels there may be different layers of wind. A pilot can go up and down to find a layer of air that is moving in a different direction. This is as close to "steering" as it gets.

What type of weather do you need to go hot air ballooning?

Ballooning is strictly a fair weather sport. Assuming reasonably good visibility, the key consideration is wind speed. Generally, a launch is not feasible when the winds exceed 8 mph. Since the winds are lighter and more stable during the early morning hours and tend to gradually increase, we prefer to launch soon after sunrise so that we can complete the flight before the winds become too brisk for a safe landing. High wind landings, while more exciting, can impose an added risk of injury. A determination concerning the weather can usually be made before we leave home. However, your pilot reserves final judgment based upon the weather conditions observed at the launch site.

What are the pilot’s qualifications?

Your pilot is fully certified by the FAA as a commercial pilot, qualified to carry passengers in balloons. The pilot has to undergo specific training in the flying of balloons, and to demonstrate knowledge of weather conditions and local flying hazards.

What is KREW?

Hot air ballooning is the epitome of teamwork. The chase krew helps set up the balloon, follows the balloon during the flight, obtains permission from landowners for the balloon to land and helps pack the balloon back into the chase vehicle. A pilot would not be able to fly without his krew!

How high do you fly & where do we land?

We go where the wind takes us. Our flight path is determined by wind currents at different levels. These currents determine the direction, altitude and speed at which we fly. Prior to our flight we check weather conditions and also release a pibal, (a small helium balloon), which allows us to see which direction, what height and at what speed the wind will take us. Every flight is different!

How long is the flight?

Flight time in the balloon averages 40 minutes to one hour. Variables include weather conditions, available landing sites & fuel consumption. Your entire adventure will last about 3½ + hours, including your Champane Picnic.

What type of fuel is used in the balloons?

Propane: Heat is generated by a burner, which utilizes propane to create a flame. The propane, is carried on-board in 15 to 20 gallon tanks. The burner that is used to vaporize and ignite the liquid propane is very powerful, and very hot. It generates enough BTU’s to heat over a hundred houses for several hours.

What do we wear?

Comfortable clothing & long pants are recommended. Closed toe shoes, such as, tennis shoes or boots are required. A jacket is only necessary, if you would normally wear a jacket. You may prefer to wear a hat since the heat is above your head.

Is there an age limit?

We welcome passengers of any age. You must be able to stand for one hour & get in/out of the basket with little or no assistance. Young children tend to be afraid of the noise from the burner blast. Please keep this in mind.